Download ebook The Human Aura : Reading Auras

Download ebook The Human Aura : Reading Auras

The Human Aura : Reading Auras & Colors.cDavina Desilver
The Human Aura : Reading Auras & Colors
Author: Davina Desilver
Number of Pages: 154 pages
Published Date: 04 Mar 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
Type: eBook
ISBN: 9781482697599
File Name: The.Human.Aura.Reading.Auras.&.Colors.pdf
Download Link: The Human Aura Reading Auras & Colors

The Human Aura: Reading Auras & Colors This book goes beyond the entertainment of aura and chakra colors, uncovering for the first time some of the intensely personal and relevant information that sits in the human aura. With powerful case studies and sensitively written, it is a delight to read that will interest and intrigue many. It opens a doorway to an unseen world, a world of energy and color, which has implications on every area of life. Have you had an aura reading & want to know more about auras and chakras and what the colors mean? Maybe you've had an aura photograph & want to understand what it says about you. This book will show you how to read auras & interpret the information that many people miss. Naturally improve your own psychic abilities and psychic development by reading auras. Working with the aura and the energy of the human body you quickly and effortlessly start to expand your own psychic awareness. "This is a language of color that is very easy to learn and interpret." Discover How to sense energy What the aura colors mean The Magic Matrix -a tool that makes reading auras easy How to improve your own intuitive, psychic ability How to protect your energy Aura Colors Covered: The Red Aura The Orange Aura What Does a Yellow Aura mean? Do you have a Green Aura? What's the main thing people with a Blue Aura need to be aware of? The Indigo & Violet Auras The Crystal Aura What Brown & Pink in the Aura mean Do have the passion of red, the sensitivity of blue or the loving heart of green in your aura? How about your friends and family - what colors are they? Understand the seven main chakras, the energy centers in the human aura and the association they each have with us on a mental, physical emotional and spiritual level. When you understand the aura you can manage your energy and take your well-being to a whole new level.

Read online The Human Aura : Reading Auras & Colors Buy and read online The Human Aura : Reading Auras & Colors Download and read The Human Aura : Reading Auras & Colors ebook, pdf, djvu, epub, mobi, fb2, zip, rar, torrent Download to iPad/iPhone/iOS, B&N nook The Human Aura : Reading Auras & Colors

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